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Sziget Festival 2010 - Hungary

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SzigetSziget Festival 2010: it's going to be Kanaan!

Here comes Sziget Festival 2010 with Kispál's farewell concert on the minus first day, a series of megaconcerts on day zero, including the celebration of Reaggae and Ska, a Cseh Tamás memorial gig and a third venue is going to offer a special fusion of Hungarian and international jazz - phenomena.

And of course, for five further days our favourite festival is going to offer plenty of programs between 9th and 16th August.

Minus one and zero
The organizers of Sziget have announced previously that Kispál és a Borz will say goodbye to their audience within the compass of a three-hour long megaconcert on the minus one day of Sziget, 9th August.

Now we are getting more and more information. According to the band and concert-organizer Balázs Lévai, who have finished listening to the lifework and now are in the process of choosing the setlist for the three-hour long gig of Sziget Festival, there is already a pre-selection of 65-70 songs.

We also found out that among their guests there will be names like Kiss Tibi, Líviusz, Csík zenekar and a surprise guest will also join them - all of them performing a Kispál song, of course, however you will only find out which songs will be featured right there and then. There will be a set with the old Kispál songs, probably an acoustic set and they will definitely put a great emphasis on the gig's visual effects. So, this will be the greatest Kispál show ever, just like Lovasi puts it: "Shining bellies, red leds, so many robots are here today, to party this is the last day".

The two-thirds of the program of day zero has also been published: the Main Stage will see the iconic figures of local and international reggae and ska within the compass of the Reggae and Ska Celebration, among many others you can see Skatalities, Wailers and UB40, whereas on the World Music Stage, the frontline of local and international world- and rock music will pay a tribute to the memory of Cseh Tamás with a nearly five-hour long concert.

A number of previously unknown programs of Sziget have also been announced at the press conference: the frontline of Hungarian jazz invited plenty of international stars to play with them on day zero on the BJC-Amphitheatrum stage. Hungarian Jazz Association and Sziget present now the Day of Hungarian Jazz for the second time on day zero of Sziget. Last year, when the event took place for the first time, the 70 most popular, most appreciated solo-artists of the local scene have opened the festival with highly successful concerts. The interesting thing about the event of 2010 is that Hungarian artists will play with international star guests they used to work with before.


Several Hungarian artists have made albums or played together with international stars of the jazz scene, and on 10h August the following famous jazz icons and stars will play with their Hungarian colleagues: the great American jazz-drummer Tommy Campbell will play with Attila László and Kálmán Oláh, Dennis Chambers - often referred to as the drummer of drummers - and the outstanding guitar-hero of the jazz world Dean Brown will perform on the side of Gyula Csepregi and Pál Vasvári. Our local stars, namely Budapest Jazz Orchestra will play with George Duke, the artist that has been nominated for the Grammy Awards numerous times, and one of the greatest bass-guitarists, "the most important bass-guitar sound of the nineties" Gary Willis will be there, too, together with Tony Lakatos, as a part of Loop Doctors.

Main stages - relevant stars, great comebacks and outstanding promises

The program of the Main Stage is 90 percent ready - Károly Gerendai has announced at the press conference, and added some new names to the previously announced list of Muse, Iron Maiden, Faithless, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Kasabian: Madness and Johhny Rotten's band (after Sex Pistols) Public Enemy are coming to Sziget, too.

"The versatility of genres is one of Sziget's trademarks on international grounds. Besides the versatile offer we are trying set programs according to various expectations, so we always invite relevant, up-to-date artists of the international festival scene. On the other hand, we always present the favourite artists of the local audience: there will be bands that have already proven their talent at Sziget and bands that many of you have asked for. On top of these, we have always openly admitted that our goal is to introduce productions to our audience they may not know so well, even though these bands are getting more and more attention abroad" – as main organizer Károly Gerendai has pointed out.


The program of Sziget's greatest venues - the Main Stage and the already 100% World Music Stage where featured artists contain names like Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® featuring Omara Portuondo, Oi-Va-Voi, Tony Allen or the band Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar - is built according to this above-mentioned philosophy. Among the new stars there is Amparo Sanchez, 080001 or one the greatest voices of the "Big Belgain Boom" of the past few years, Jaune Toujours - and many others, of course. And in 2010, World Music Stage is offering a great view at the Eastern-European scene, and of course plenty of Hungarian world music artists will play throughout the five festival days of Sziget.

Metal-fans also get their share of fun in the Rock-Metal tent at this year's Sziget, so you'd better get prepared physically and mentally if you feel strong enough to participate at Ill Niño's gig. The 69 Eyes are coming to Sziget to present an incredible goth'n'rock show. Paradise Lost's new album, according to critics, can only be compared to the classic album One Second, so it's no surprise that they appear to be one of the absolute favourites this year, and not only when it comes to metal-fans. One of the most energetic metal bands of all times Children of Bodom are doing a show as well. According to the latest news, Monster Magnet is just about to finish their latest, 2010 album, and then they are off for a tour: Sziget will be an important station of this tour for them and for us, as well. This will be the venue where Enter Shikari, Skindred or Fear Factory will play, too.

The 69Eyes

The megatent of Party Arena's been starting their programs in the early hours of the evening since last year, now you can see the live acts of various international stars. This year you will get the chance to see DJ Shadow, Simian Mobile Disco, Gotan Project, Calvin Harris and Breakestra feat. Cali2na, whereas at night the following artists will make the audience go crazy: Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Sander van Doorn, Andy Moor, Drumcode Night: Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick and Joel Mull, Infected Mushroom or Deadmau5.

The tent of A38-Wan2 gets a new tent this year, and here you can also see up-to-date stuff, great old names and rising stars. Among many others, this will be the tent giving home to a number of great gigs: Gorillaz Sound System, Nina Hagen, Charlie Winston, Ez3kiel, Bad Religion, Vive la Féte, Major Lazer or Yeasayer.


Main Stage

11 August
The Toy Dolls (UK)
Ska-P (E)
The Hives (S)
Madness (UK)

12 August
The Young Punx (UK)
Public Image Ltd. (UK)
The Specials (UK)
Faithless (UK)

13 August
Lyapis Trubestkoy
Papa Roach (USA)
Gentleman and the Evolution (D)
Thirty Seconds To Mars (USA)

14 August
Havervagy Tánc
The Cribs (UK)
Iron Maiden

15 August
Death Valley Screamers
Rada (UKR)
Danko Jones (CAN)
Billy Talent (CAN)
Kasabian (UK)
Muse (UK)


World Music Stage

August 11., Wednesday

17:00 Cankisou
Related links: Cankisou MySpace Cankisou LastFm

18:15 Csík Zenekar
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Related links: Csík zenekar / Songo Csík zenekar - Csík zenekar -  Csík zenekar MySpace

19:45 Amparo Sanchez
Related links: Amparo Sanchez FacebookAmparo Sanchez MySpace

21:30 Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® és Omara Portuondo
Related links: BuenaVista - Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® MySpace

August 12., Thursday

17:00 Kries
Related links: Kries LastFm

18:15 Besh o droM
Related articles: Biography
Related links: Besh o droM MySpaceBesh o droM

19:45 Dirtmusic és Tamikrest
Related links: Dirtmusic MySpace

21:30 Tony Allen
Related links: Tony AllenTony Allen MySpaceTony Allen LastFmTony Allen Facebook

August 13., Friday

17:00 Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird
Related links: Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird MySpace - Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird Facebook - Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird LastFm

18:15 Söndörgő + Ferus Mustafov
Related links: SöndörgőSöndörgő LastFm - Söndörgő MySpace

19:45 Rotfront
Related links: Rotfront LastFm - Rotfront MySpace - Rotfront - Rotfront Facebook

21:30 Oi Va Voi
Related articles: Biography
Related links: Oi Va Voi - Oi Va Voi MySpace

August 14., Saturday

17:00 Jaune Toujours
Related links: Jaune Toujours MySpace - Jaune Toujours LastFm

18:15 György Ferenczi & Rackajam & Guests

19:45 Rupa & the April Fishes
Related links: Rupa & the April Fishes Facebook - Rupa & the April Fishes - Rupa & the April Fishes MySpace - Rupa & the April Fishes LastFm

21:30 Los De Abajo
Related links: Los De Abajo YouTube - Los De Abajo Myspace

August 15., Sunday

17:00 Mahala Rai Banda
Related links: Mahala Rai Banda MySpace - Mahala Rai Banda LastFm - Mahala Rai Banda Facebook

18:15 Parno Graszt
Related links: Parno Graszt

19:45 O8OO1
Related articles: Biography
Related links: 08001 - 08001 MySpace - 08001 - 08001 Facebook - 08001 YouTube

21:30 Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar
Related links: Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar - Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar LastFm - Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar Facebook


A38-wan2 stage

August 11., Wednesday

17:00 The Picturebooks (D)

18:40 Inspector Cluzo (FR)

20:20 Óriás Alternative
Related links: Óriás - Óriás Myspace

21:50 Peaches (D)

23:30 Bad Religion (USA)
Related links: Bad Religion - Bad Religion Last.Fm

01:30 Alvin és a mókusok
Related links: Alvin és a Mókusok

August 12., Thursday

17:00 Foreign Beggars (UK)

18:40 Black Box Revelation (B)

20:20 Qualitons feat Kovács Kati

21:50 C-Mon & Kypsky (NL)

23:30 Gorillaz Sound System (UK)
Related links: Gorillaz - Gorillaz Myspace - Gorillaz - Gorillaz Facebook

01:30 Zagar Pop
Related links: Žagar MySpace

August 13., Friday

17:00 Déja vu Revue

18:40 zZz (NL)

20:20 Isolated Rock

21:50 Vive la Féte (B)
Related links: Vive La Fête - Vive La Fête Myspace - Vive La Fête - Vive La Fête Facebook

23:30 Charlie Winston (UK)
Related links: Charlie Winston - Charlie Winston MySpace - Charlie Winston LastFm - Charlie Winston Facebook

01:30 Erik Sumo Band feat. Kiss Erzsi

August 14., Saturday

17:00 Wan2 tehetség-kutató győztese

18:40 Wildbirds & Peacedrums (S)

20:20 Bin Jip

21:50 Ez3kiel (F)

23:30 Nina Hagen (D)
Related links: Nina Hagen - Nina Hagen MySpace - Nina Hagen LastFm

01:30 VHK

August 15., Sunday

17:00 Skip The Use (F)

18:40 Madensuyu (B)

20:20 Turbo Rock
Related links: Turbo MySpace - Turbo Facebook

21:50 Yeasayer (USA)
Related links: Yeasayer - Yeasayer MySpace - Yeasayer LastFm - Yeasayer Facebook

23:30 Major Lazer (JAM)
Related links: Major Lazer - Major Lazer MySpace - Major Lazor LastFm - Major Lazer Facebook

01:30 Kees van Hondt & friends (NL)


Rock-Metal Stage

August 11., Wednesday

15:00 The Grenma

16:30 Bridge To Solace
Related links: Bridge To Solace

18:00 Cadaveres
Related links: Cadaveres

19:30 Ill Niño (USA)
Related links: Ill Nino Myspace - Ill Nino - Ill Nino Facebook

21:10 Children of Bodom (FIN)
Related links: Children of Bodom - Children Of Bodom Myspace - Children Of Bodom - Children Of Bodom Facebook

23:10 Road
Related links: Road

00:40 Insane
Related links: Insane

August 12., Thursday

15:00 AWS

15:30 Drums are for Parades (B)

18:00 Subscribe
Related links: Subscribe - Subscribe Myspace

19:30 Skindred (UK)
Related links: Skindred - Skindred Myspace - Skindred - Skindred Facebook

21:10 The 69 Eyes (FIN)
Related links: The 69 Eyes - The 69 Eyes Myspace - The 69 Eyes - The 69 Eyes Facebook

23:10 Nevergreen
Related links: Nevergreen

00:40 Rómeó Vérzik
Related links: Rómeó Vérzik

August 13., Friday

15:00 Room Of The Mad Robots

16:30 Overdrive (SRB)
With the commendation of EXIT festival

18:00 Blind Myself
Related links: Blind Myself - Blind Myself / Songo

19:30 Enter Shikari (UK)
Related links: Enter Shikari - Enter Shikari Myspace - Enter Shikari - Enter Shikari Facebook

21:10 Paradise Lost (UK)
Related links: Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost Myspace - Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost Facebook

23:10 Dalriada
Related links: Dalriada - Dalriada / Songo

00:40 TBA

August 14., Saturday

15:00 Holtidő

16:15 Zorall
Related links: Zorall / Songo

17:45 Depresszió
Related links: Depresszió

19:30 Deák Bill Gyula
Related links: Deák Bill Gyula - Deák Bill Gyula Wikipedia

21:10 Kowalsky meg a Vega
Related links: Kowalsky meg a Vega - Kowalsky meg a Vega / Songo

23:10 Kamelot (USA)
Related links: Kamelot - Kamelot MySpace - Kamelot LastFm - Kamelot Facebook

00:40 Kalapács
Related links: Kalapács

August 15., Sunday

15:00 Green Path

16:30 Neck Sprain
Related links: Neck Sprain

18:00 Isten Háta Mögött

19:30 Monster Magnet (USA)
Related links: Monster Magnet Myspace - Monster Magnet - Monster Magnet Facebook

21:10 Fear Factory (USA)
Related articles: Biography
Related links: Fear Factory - Fear Factory MySpace - Fear Factory LastFm - Fear FActory Facebook

23:10 Superbutt
Related links: Superbutt - Superbutt / Songo

00:40 Watch My Dying
Related links: Watch My Dying


Party Arena

August 11., Wednesday

19:30 DJ Shadow (USA)
Related links: DJ Shadow - DJ Shadow MySpace - DJ Shadow Facebook - DJ Shadow LastFm

22:00 Pole Position

23:00 Szeifert

00:00 Andy Moor (UK)
Related links: Andy Moor MySpace - Andy Moor - Andy Moor Facebook

01:30 Sander van Doorn (NL)
Related links: Sander van Doorn - Sander van Doorn MySpace - Sander van Doorn LastFm - Sander van Doorn Facebook

03:30 Kühl
Related links: Kühl Myspace

August 12., Thursday

19:30 Simian Mobile Disco Live (UK)
Related links: Simian Mobile Disco MySpace - Simian Mobile Disco LastFm - Simian Mobile Disco Facebook

22:00 Junkie & Hawky
Related links: Junkie & Hawky - Junkie & Hawky Myspace

23:30 Bergi & Svindler

00:30 Boys Noize vs. Erol Alkan (D)

03:30 Coyote
Related links: Coyote - Coyote Myspace

August 13., Friday

19:30 Gotan Project (F)
Related links: Gotan Project - Gotan Project Myspace - Gotan Project - Gotan Project Facebook

22:00 Collins & Behnam
Related links: Collins & Behnam MySpace

23:00 Igor Do'urden
Related links: Igor Dourden - Igor Dourden Myspace

00:00 Drumcode Night: Alan Fitzpatrick (D)
Related links: Alan Fitzpatrick MySpace - Alan Fitzpatrick LastFm - Alan Fitzpatrick Facebook

01:30 Adam Beyer (D)
Related links: Adam Beyer Myspace

03:00 Joel Mull (D)
Related links: Joel Mull - Joel Mull MySpace - Joel Mull LastFm - Joel Mull Facebook

04:30 Hot X
Related links: Hot X - Hot X Myspace

August 14., Saturday

19:30 Calvin Harris (UK)
Related links: Calvin Harris - Calvin Harris MySpace - Calvin Harris LastFm - Calvin Harris Facebook

22:00 Karányi Electronic
Related links: Karányi - Karányi Myspace - Karányi - Karányi Facebook

23:30 Transabi

01:00 Infected Mushroom (ISR)
Related links: Infected Mushroom - Infected Mushroom Myspace - Infected Msuhroom - Infected Mushroom Facebook

02:30 Oleg

04:00 Sikztah
Related links: Sikztah

August 15., Sunday

19:30 Breakestra feat. Chali2na (USA)

22:00 Soneec

23:00 Poli vs. Nora Naughty

00:15 Chriss
Related links: Chriss - Chriss Myspace

01:30 Deadmau5 (CAN)
Related links: Deadmau5 - Deadmau5 MySpace - Deadmau5 LastFm

03:30 Slam Jr.
Related links: Slam Jr.


Innovations and special offers

Besides the main sponsor Dreher, the new partner Vodafone is launching a number of innovative solutions. Vodafone, for example is launching a program functioning like a mobile purse, a mobile and media "machine to machine" system, all these projects making it more comfortable for festivalgoers to enjoy the event. Moreover, the festival will also have - similar to the parking payments - a minute-based mobile paying facility. A number of new solutions and technical ideas will be introduced by Sziget organizers in order to reduce the noise.

Besides systems that proved to be successful before, there will be experiments related to an acoustic theory this year, in order to see how this theory works in practice. According to this idea, certain sounds spreading in a certain direction will be blocked and limited by sounds spreading in the opposite direction. And of course, special offer introduced last year will also prevail this year: late-comers after 11 pm get the chance to by half-price tickets for their favourite festival.

EU Trio focus

Spain, Belgium and Hungary have agreed a joint 18-month programme, beginning in January 2010, for their trio' of EU presidencies. The three countries pledged continuity for their stint at the EU helm, which is the first such 'presidency trio' to take place under the EU's revamped institutions. Related to the presidency, a number of cultural co-operations have been created. Starting from 1st January to 30th June Spain got the rotating EU presidency, and then between 1st July and 31st December it's Belgium's turn, and finally, from 1st January to June 30th 2011, Hungary will get the presidency.

In order to pay tribute to this trio, program organizers of Sziget have invited Spain and Belgium, in order to draw more attention and give more space to the artists of the three countries, introducing a number of cooperative productions. The obvious focus project of Sziget EU Trio is to call attention to the EU presidency of Hungary, and make local and foreign youngsters conscious about it. This focus project is a sample; the goal is to call attention to the fact that Hungary is open enough to create long-lasting cultural projects like Sziget Festival.

Another important aim of the EU Trio focus program is to introduce the member-countries of the presidency (Spain, Belgium and Hungary) to young people, and illustrate the nature of trio presidency and its program. In addition to this, visitors get the chance to find out more about the European Union and its institutes, certain important strategic ideas of the European Committee, and get a flavour of the planned program of the Hungarian presidency.

European Meeting Point

Sziget Festival itself has become a favoured "meeting point" of European youngsters in the past few years; it definitely offers a culturally diverse program, something EU has always been proud of. Now, within the compass of Trio focus, organizers would like to create a meeting point called "European Meeting Point" which could turn into a meeting point of Sziget-people and also a meeting point for Sziget-people and EU, giving place to all organizations, program networks associated with EU, within Sziget. In the daytime, European Meeting Point would be an interactive meeting point, and in the evenings, it would turn into an exciting Madrid-Brussels-Budapest-like party-venue.

In the realization of European meeting point all partner-institutes of EU Trio Focus work together: the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Hungarian advocacy of the European Committee, the Information Office of the European Parliament, the Budapest-based Spain and Belgian Embassy, Cervantes Institute, National Development Agency, furthermore all the consulates of the member states, EUNIC, namely the cultural institutes of the European Union, Europe Directs and several other European Union-networks. European Meeting Point will be placed directly next to the Hungaricum village. This location symbolizes and strengthens the message that Hungary is a member of the European Union, and one of the countries of the trio presidency. This will be the place giving home to European Consulates, which will help Sziget-people in consulate-related issues.

European Tree – Leave a message to Europe!

Right in front of the European meeting point, there will be an installation created by the three countries' young fine artists, for Europe and Sziget-people. European Tree is an installation showing a tree, offering a community experience and place that brings Sziget people together by leaving each other - or even Europe - written and audiovisual messages

European Bistro

Within the compass of European Meeting Point, a nice bistro will entice lovers of good food. Sziget-visitors do not only get the chance to ease their thirst for information, but they also get to know the specialities of the Trio-countries' cuisine. In the evening, famous European DJs will put you into multicultural party mood, until the morning.


Dreher is going to be the main sponsor of Sziget this year, too. Sziget-visitors are the target group of the brand, since both Sziget and Dreher are trying to reach young people that are striving for various experiences in life: they love good music, going out, travelling, having a beer with friends, are interested in culture, love to explore new things and adore great concerts. Dreher will remain true to itself this year, too, meaning that Dreher will do everything to offer great new experiences. And of course, as everybody might have gotten used to, the Dreher venue will always be a total partyzone!

MR2 Stage

Radio MR2 Petőfi is celebrating its third birthday on 1st June. In the past 36 months, the radio has turned into a significant part of Hungary's popular music culture, and it has become a point of reference in both musical and socio-cultural terms. Its ever-expanding supply is open to national and international novelties, and is a rather versatile and exciting musical channel playing pop as much as world music, rock, lounge and urban music. The channel has introduced hundreds of national and international acts that have previously been not at all known or not too often played. With this rare music supply, Radio MR2-Petőfi is a significant alternative to what national commercial radio channels have to offer.

Besides the colourful supply Radio MR2-Petőfi, there are self-produced music programs, for example Akusztik broadcast from the studio of MR8, world music-oriented passport or MR2DJset which is a program flashing the radio's resident dj's. Besides musical content, listeners get a creative film- cultural- lifestyle-related set of programs.

Radio MR2-Petőfi is active also when not broadcasting. Nowadays they already have their own, regular tour in Hungary and abroad where the most popular Hungarian concert bands- and artists get to play, they have their own stages at the greatest summer festivals of the country, so of course they are present at Sziget, where - among many others - Quimby, Bori Péterfy, Kiscsillag, Pannonia All-Stars Ska Orchestra, 30Y, Irie Maffia, Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric or Heaven Street Seven are going to perform.

Hungaricum Village

Now it's the second time that the best primates of Hungary take the bull by the horn, in order to introduce the incredible treasures of Hungarian culture to the youngsters of Europe, just opposite the Main Stage. The more than 1 hectare big territory is built around the topic of folk art, handicraft, gastronomy, and this year's syllabus will put the major emphasis on harvest and bread. This week will be devoted to the Europe-wide known wheat, the great breads of the lowlands, pertzel coming from Rábaköz, patty with greaves and customs related to the harvest.

Hungarian nation refers to wheat as "life" and has taken care of it throughout the entire year, since in the middle of summer the harvest is the basis of our everyday bread, no matter whether we are talking about our daily bread or Christmas bread. Péter-Pál's Day or Visitatio Beatae Mariae are the holidays marking the beginning of the harvest, the procedure itself has always been the most important summer event of communities. Plenty of customs, traditions, and superstitions are linked to harvest, which was always closed by a great ball of harvest. During the five days of Sziget, you can wander around the imaginary wheat fields of Hungary, and what we reaped in the morning, we process in the afternoon and in the end, in the evening we throw a big party.

The tents are not only offering the exhibitions of SKANZEN from Szentendre and Langalló Program, but there also are handicraft and dance workshops for those interested in these arts. We can follow the life of wheat from the core to the bread, trying all work phases associated with reaped wheat threshing, grinding and the rest. We can make bread, milk-loaf, pertzel out of flour, we can try straw spinning, and make a harvest-wreath. In the early afternoon, there will be a chance to learn folk dances, folk-plays from Mezőföld, Rábaköz, Gyimes, Moldva and Palócföld. The most important and most colourful event of the day is going to be the afternoon parade of dance groups. The most beautiful songs, dances and dresses will be shown in the entire territory of Sziget. The beautiful parade stops every once in a while in order to make Sziget-people dance, giving them a taste of the evening ball.

The central venue of Hungaricum Village is the shed, where during the day visitors get to see the process of threshing, sacking an other procedures associated with the harvest, then at night everybody gets a chance to have as much fun as possible at the ball, dancing to the tunes of Pál István Szalonna band. In Hungaricum Village, everything is about Hungarian traditions. Besides folk dance groups, folk music bands, and tradition-oriented programs by craftsmen, famous and less known wine-growers will present their wines, moreover there will be a chance to test sausages, bratwursts, cheese, pálinkas and other unique Hungarian products.

Dozens of bread, patties, lángos will be baked, made of cheese, cottage cheese and fruits brought directly from small manufacturers selling their unique products at Sziget. Saturday morning there will be a proper fair where old dresses, linen products, sacks, handmade baskets, jars and other unique, traditional Hungarian products can be purchased.

Sunday morning sees Sziget-people visiting a bread-consecration within the compass of an ecumenical mass. In the colourful swirl of novelties, it's easy to bump into old friends, plus we get the chance to have our hair plated, get "folkish" body painting, play with old folk toys, we can taste traditional Hungarian food, but in Wine Village it is also possible linger over a glass of good wine after the demanding harvest. It is even possible that the primate comes to our table and plays our favourite song. This is the time when stuff we have learned by the daylight can be of great help: you will definitely remember the tune of a folksong, or two!

The Roma Tent

The Roma Tent - which is unique in its genre and is also a hungaricum at the same time - is waiting for its guests with colourful, versatile programs every year since 2002. We are working on introducing old favourites by adding some new, previously unseen productions. One of the highlights of this year is going to be the circus from Rajasthan called Kawa Musical Circus which will launch a colourful international program for Sziget-people to see every day from 6 pm, before concerts start, right in front of the Roma Tent.

One of the main focus points of Sziget festival, EU Trio will be present at the Roma Tent as well. Roma Tent adds three productions to the series of EU Trio programs which are connected to Belgium. On 11th and 12th August, DJ Gaetano from Brussels-based Balkan Trafik will make you dance like crazy. Rekontra band, playing traditional Hungarian and world music, invited the Belgian gipsy primate Tcha Limberger. The new trio founded precisely for this occasion features artists like the Belgian Ghalia Benali, Leonor Moro from Spain and the musicians of the Hungarian Romano Drom band. It is a great honour that the star of ladino music, the singer from Isael Yasmin Levy will perform in the Roma Tent, introducing this wonderful music based on Spanish-Jewish traditions and rooted in Andalusian flamenco to the audience of the festival.

Talking about Jewish music, now we must return from the south to Eastern-Europe, as our guest will be Pressburger Klezmer Band, the only band playing this sort o music is Slovakia. We are about to celebrate a premier, too. Denmark has not yet shown up on the stage of Roma Tent, so this year Denmark's favourite band Klezmofobia will play on Sziget Festival. We did not want to miss one single genre of gypsy music. We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Django Reinhardt, so we invited the outstanding synth gypsy musicians, the Dutch Prisor Jazz Band that operates with a great violinist, Tim Kliphuis. The fact that Romania is a francophone country cannot be denied.

The bands playing this year all have some sort of a connection to France. Actress and singer Rona Hartner who may be familiar to the audience from Tony Gatlif's film Gadzso Dilo, is living in Paris at the moment, and she brings her gypsy band to Hungary this time. Even though Alexandra, the accordionist and singer of Nadara is French, she chose Romania as her home and is specialized in Translyvanian music in the first place. The musicians of Fanfara Vagabontu carried the fame of Romanian brassy bands straight to Marseille, their chosen home town.

The second brassy band consist of the French musicians of Živeli Orkestar, however they have remained faithful to the traditional Serbian sound, not forgetting great improvisations and hot rhythms, together with an outstanding Sebian singer,Suzana Djordjevic. When talking of our Eastern European performers, it is essential say a words about Čaci Vorba who play traditional gypsy music. Even the meaning of their name speaks volumes of their attitude: honest word. Hudaki, coming straight from Ukraine play czardas, polka, heart-warming ballads and tricky violin-music, basically showing all aspects of gypsy music.

Of course we cannot forget about local bands this year either, bands that represent each and every musical tendency from traditional to modern. The festival is opened by the gypsy folkdance group of Kalocsa, and there will be a number of other great performers such as: Etnorom, Karaván Família, Khamoro and the band merging acoustic music with electronic music Napra. Famous dulcimer-artists are going to perform too, Kálmám Balogh and the band Cimbaliband. There will even be an album premier gig by Söndörgő. The band even has some guests playing with them: the primate of Mohács-based Tambura zenekar Kátya Tompos who plays on their album as well, moreover Antal Kovács, leader of Romano Drom will be there, too.

After the gigs, famous DJ's will make you dance until dawn. We pay attention to inviting DJ's that love and understand gypsy music and are working hard on making it popular - it's in fact the sixth time that we invite such DJ's. There will be an international set: DJ Gaetano from Belgium, DJ Jutasi from Hungary, DJ Tsigaravano + No Sikiriki from Switzerland, and DJ Vino Dilo from France. They are all residents of the Europe-wide popular „Balkan Beats” styled parties.


Meduza is the underground electronic music venue of Sziget, and it's giving its best this year, too. There will be a great number of famous international performers and of course the Hungarian underground will be presented, too. You can find nearly each genre of electronic dance music at the venue: hiphop, dubstep, drumandbass, house, breakbeat, or new disco all play an important role this year. One of the most interesting colours of the venue will be presented on Friday and Saturday night when British act 3D Disco will perform, and their audiovisual production will be accompanied by a three dimensional screening.

The interesting thing about the performance is going to be that every visitor gets a pair of 3D glasses at the entrance, uniforming people hungry for this sort of performance for an hour. The venue meduza has a 30x6 meter wide unique screening surface, and besides 3D Disco, the popular British formation The Smokeeaters will also present us a unique audiovisual performance. Perhaps one of the most important performers of this year's meduza will be the Belgian duo Aeroplane – they will definitely become one of the most popular acts of the next few years.

Wednesday will be the day of residents and organizers of Rewind, TEST and Real Your Nature this year. The day's international performer will be the group Club Autonomic, thus D-Bridge, Instra:mental, SP:MC. Our favourite artist this year is the French producer-DJane Flore who makes music in several different styles and you can definitely hear this versatility in her sets. The lady from Lyon will be accompanied by legendary former member of London Posse, Rodney P. The venue's program will be spiced up by one of the most energetic performers of meduza: the Dutch Baskerville formation. On the last day of Sziget, meduza will be the home of 4/4. Star-performer of the day will be HRDVSION from Canada or Nathan Jonson.

Budapest Jazz Club – Amphitheatrum Stage

This year we merged the two stages and their programs. Headliners of the stage in the evening will consist of artists popular all over the world, but not yet known in Hungary that much. On the other hand, the stage will give space to the greatest artists of the Hungarian and international jazz scene. You can find here Flat Earth Society, Chapelier Fou and Renata Rosa, La Mal Coiffée, Hjaltalin and An Pierlé & White Velvet. Some names from the list of outstanding Hungarian jazz icons: Harcsa Veronika Quartet, Barabás Lőrinc and friends, Fábián Juli Jazz Riff, Tzumo Electronic Dreams, Emilio Trio, Balázs Elemér Group, Szőke Nikoletta Trio, Borbély Műhely, Special Providence

Civil Sziget

Civil Sziget is one of the most colourful patches of Sziget. Its history goes back to the early years of Sziget, in the beginning one or two, later more and more civil organizations decided to take part in the festival with their programs, services, in order to be able to connect directly with young people. First it was just one street, now it's basically an „island” of its own. Civilian Sziget is a meeting point where young people can get information, services, help about topics they are the most interested in and they also get to take part in the work of the given organization. This meeting point has turned into a major part of the civilian sphere, and it is an important meeting point, exchange of information and experience, and source of dialogue at the same time, even on an international level.

Due to the great number of applicants Sziget Ltd. is calling for a tender each year to decide who can be a part of Civilian Sziget. Out of hundreds of applicants, we choose approximately 100 social organizations and institutes co-operating with civilians, and offer the t place and possibility to be present at the festival. After the success of last year, it was possible again to choose the tender category of taking part in the organizing process of Sziget festival. This year, we invited 10 organizations that provide useful services to the festival, thus making the event even more substantial and comfortable, and expand the list of services that may not be limited to the territory of Civilian Sziget.

Civilian Sziget is not only giving place to separate organizations, but there also is a field for common programs – Open-Civilian Stage will be the home for stage productions associated with civilian activities, such as round-table conversations, dance performances, concerts, whereas Civilian Playground will offer interactive, colourful programs built on the presence of Sziget-people, for example dance houses, games, situational games and so on.

Ability Park

Ability Park is an interactive adventure park that received a number of Hungarian and international awards, working together with various associations on the field of disabilities, trying to show people the everyday of those living with a disability. The main idea is to help people get acquainted with the life of people with disabilities in an interactive and entertaining fashion that facilitates social inclusion, hoping this would change the general social attitudes towards those living with a disability. Besides, Ability Park also functions as a base of services, 24 hours a day. Here you can find toilets and washbasins for the disabled. Volunteers of associations present at Ability Park are there to help the blind, the deaf or the handicapped by offering sign language, guidance, non-stop cortege if needed.

Open-Civil Stage

Bands performing on this stage: A kutya vacsorája, AZ, Biorobot, Intim Torna, Isolated, Jazzékiel, Kelet-Nyugat, Rodeo, Sadant, Szimur, Tereskova, Tündérground, Orchestre International du Vetex (B) and many others. After last year's debut, Open-Civilian Stage will be the home for Hungarian humorists and stand-up comedist.

Hócipő Cabaret
11th August – Gergely Litkai and Péter Felméri
12th August – András Szőke and Sándor Badár
13th August – Balázs Pataki and István Dombóvári
14th August – Ferenc József Varga, István Éles and Zsolt Ürmös
15th August – Zoltán Kőhalmi and Balázs Beliczay


Magic Mirror is celebrating its 10th birthday this year: the „queer” venue of the festival, being faithful to the traditions, offers a wide range of programs to visitors. Every day from 1 pm, there will be panel-discussions featuring internationally known faces of public life who stood up for human rights in the past 10 years. Some of the names who have already checked back: Ágnes Heller, Miklós Tamás Gáspár, and László Donáth. The discussions will be moderated by editor-journalist Balázs Pálfi.

Every afternoon from 3 pm, Magic Mirror will turn into a cinema, with a selection of the best movies of Berlinale, sponsored by Berlinale's section Panorama. In the colours of Berlinale, film director and university professor Kristian Petersen will be moderating and leading Q/A discussions with the directors of the movies.

Female and male poledance workshop every afternoon.
Late night vaudeville-show: Berlin in Budapest. Led by Diva Tomasz.
Party every night until morning with the most popular DJ's of the past 10 years.
Non-stop hospitality.
Big street-theatre – Compagnie Malabar: Le Voyage des Aquarêves

This year Sziget-people will be guided into the realms of humour and dreams by French act Malabar. 29 years of creation and 29 years of performances in 35 countries and 1153 cities. Every night from 10 pm a 16 meter-long moonshine-coloured ship will be floating to Sziget.

Its secret crew will be ready to explore the unknown. The „water-dreamers” swimming to the territory of mystic realms show you a form of existence embodied by humour and poetry. There will be Strange stilts, jugglers and impudent acrobats, waves of foam and pyrotechnics. This water.-adventure cannot be missed. The parade starts every night at 10 pm. Finale at the Hill. The formation featuring international artists still has a special surprise for Sziget-people: they will present the most important celestial bodies of our solar system with SunGuards and singing, powdered marquees (Les Exquizes Marquizes, Les Gardiens du Soleil).

To be seen in the afternoons, here and there at Sziget.

Wandering side-show

In 2010, the wandering side-show jumps over the hill, and invades its new open-air stage, where you can see fantastic circus-performances just like you did in the previous years. Special guest of the this year is Spanish company Albadulake. The circus association has already received a number of awards at various European festivals , and it basically is a flamenco circus where incredible energies of live flamenco music merge with acrobatics and attractions of the circus. The production will be available to see every day, starting from 7 pm.

Southern-Italian act Five Quartet Trio has already introduced themselves with last year's acrobatic show, but now they are coming back with a new show opened in April 2010. The air-acrobatic company of Kirkas Gaya is coming back with a new show, too. Circus Meer from Austria will present a show with spectacular rope-dancing and hand standing, plus you will get to see the show of two senior students of the Belgian higher education of circus (ESAC).

Of course, the Hungarian frontline is making a debut with this year's production, too: CirkuSzínház will present their new show, the latest etudes of Taurin Circus and Kalap-kabát clown-theatre will be there, presenting our honest and vulnerable clown-self. Next to the stage the place will turn into a magical land, and our cosy restaurant, Mulen Rúzs (realized by Karzat Theatre) will open its gates every night, offering us the atmosphere of a French-styled, happy restaurant in the trees.

The same place will be the place where those wanting to try some interesting circus-related games will also get a chance to do so, each age-group is very welcome. Even more afternoon activities are coming: the Hungarian Juggler Association offers a free rent of games so that you can try juggling and other games that need craft. The territory of the Wandering Side-show will be taken over by artists who represent street-artists all over Europe in Sziget. They may appear anywhere, not just at the Wandering Side-show.

Domestic colours will be represented by Szárnyas Sárkányok with happy parades on wooden with loud music, but also Béla Ágoston's new Saplin will be there too, let alone Carolina Khoury and Pepita Baguette from Italy, the crazy retro music stuff of Radio Barkas from Holland or the energetic band of Cottas Club from Portugal, and yes, we will also get some mad divers from Australia in the colours of Kinetic Theatre.

Digital Fun Fair

The Digital Fun Fair coming from the United Kingdom is not just a simple video-game tent. You can meet the crazy inventions of the mad scientist Gavin Morris and the band „Boredbrands”. The interactive venue is a perfect amusement by daylight, before the gigs or at night, just for fun. The group has produced games that will be familiar to everybody, since they are covers of classical game room videogames, the puzzle, the karaoke and everything else will come in a different, often analogue form. You will get to see Pacbike, which is the bicycle form of the legendary Pacman game, you can sit at the Audiovisual table where you can mix videos to the rhythm or you may put together a beat-puzzle and several other weird, crazy but entertaining thingies, all week in the Digital Fun Fair.

Octopus All Arts Venue

Octopus All Arts Venue is organized by Medence Csoport, and the venue has been alive for eight years now. This, basically is the home Sziget Festival's literature-, fine arts-, classical music-, theatre- and dance related programs.

Programs of the Big Tent:

Literary programs:
Literature at Sziget, every day between 4 and 5.30 pm!

The week will begin with a musical cabaret, which is based on nothing else but contemporary literature! Orsolya Karafiáth, Tamás Halmai, Attila Havasi, József Keresztesi, Ottó Kiss, Péter Salamon Molnár and chosen from their own writings by Zsolt Győrei and Csaba Schlachtovszky. Presented by: Balázs Csórics, Linda Fekete, Orsolya Holecskó, Soma Zámbori.

On Thursday you may only enter barefoot! We are paying a tribute to the barefooted Hungarian Villon, since György Faludy would celebrate his 100th birthday this September! His adventurous life and incredible poems will be recalled in the firm of an outrageous, typical Sziget-styled performance. On Friday, however, we will change the world: we will try to imagine what life will be like if water disappears from the surface of Earth and Danube turns into a dry bed... Pluto-melting experiments, contemporary high standard sci-fi, spiced up with music and imagery. Tibor Fonyódi, Anthony Sheenard and many others.

Now I'm telling you what going on! - Belgian-Spanish-Hungarian slam poetry evening!

The weekend will be turned into a memorable experience thanks to the incredible Belgian-Spanish-Hungarian poetry competition! The crafty young free-style rappers of EU Trio's presidency reamed up for the sake of a brilliant show where they tell us what they think of the world. We have chosen the best lyrics and music we have received within the compass of a tender, and you can see them all at Sziget! Messing with the audience is compulsory, since they are the ones who are going to select the best acts, by a round of applause! Star guests of the evening will be artists that are famous of their texts of literary standards: Akkezdet Phiai and Robi Veres McDc, from the Hungarian talent-show!

Classical music programs

This is the tenth Sziget where you do not only get to hear and see the living classics of rock music, but you may also go and check out the forever-living classics of classical music! Well.-known and liked elements of the program are not changing this year either: enchanting baroque and romantic music every night, while you may chill out on the most comfortable seats of Sziget, then in the morning you get to hear recordings of the greatest pieces of classical music. And yes, there will be concerts, too: from 3 pm the most talented students of the Academy of Music will play, from 7 pm we are offering a wide range of versatile programs.

You will get to see Fugato Band awarded by a Fringe-award and Victoria Singing Group that has won several competitions already. Moreover, PTE's Faculty of Music and Visual Arts will present you the first French opera bouffle La serva padrone which was composed by a twenty-something Italian composer Pergolesi. You will also get to enjoy the art of KLASSZ-talents with the successful Capriccio Chamber Music, and there will be an interesting musical triangle, a Belgian-Hungarian-Spanish trio-concert.

Medence Filmclub
Picture-sound-synch evenings with image montages, accompanied by live sound.
In the garden:

In front of the Big Tent, Márta Saranko will be there this year too, to create unique, personalized, multilingual interpretations of names.

Theatre and Dance Stage

The day will begin in the morning with a 1 hour-long open yoga-training, and then we move on to open thai-chi trainings. In the afternoon, we join the classical music tent by performing a contact improvising jam every day, led by various international master of improvising. Every day in the afternoon and in the evening, Filter performance company will perform its performance series entitled Prehisztéria, somewhere near the area of the theare.

There will be a street-theatre performance every day at various venues on the territory of Sziget by Utca-Szak, running under the title Commedia del’Arte. In the evening hours, you may watch Baltazár Theatre's cabaret entitled Boys, Girls, Ferenc Fehér's choreography Tao Te, Pál Frenák's company's production InTime, Edit Szűcs's fashion-theatre performance Bőr-Hártya, and international contemporary dance within the compass of Jardin d’Europe, plus the common production of the Belgian music formation Zita Swoon and the world-wide famous Belgian contemporary dance group Rosas, their performance is called Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist.


One of the most popular venues of Sziget by Élőkép Egyesület is waiting for visitors to come this year, too. You have to choose from twenty-four similar mirror-cards on entry. These cards are the thousand year-old symbols of the roles we lived through throughout our life path, the great arcanums of Tarot cards. The one who enters needs to reflect on their own life with the help of the card, and analyze and interpret the card drawn at the end of the journey.

Sweetwater-running water public place fine arts

Medence Csoport and Sziget invited applications to present art at public places at Octopus All Arts Venue. We expect to receive plans of art that reflect upon the topic of sweetwater-living water-drinking water, from an ecological, biological, energetic and cultural perspective. We would like to draw attention to the significance of sweetwater and the importance of ecologically conscious attitude. Beyond these, a number of interesting programs are awaiting visitors: Hangkutats, MakettLabor Ponyva workshop, Stencilworkshop and the Octopus Artshop, just to name a few.

Reggae Stage & Worldvillage

Jamaica...Sunshine...Reggae:Remembering Bob Marley!

Bob Marley would be 65 years old this year... We are paying a tribute to this, so we changed the name of Afro-Latin and Reggae Stage which has given home to Bob Marley's music style and the entire scene built around it. In the name of Sunshine Reggae, the evening begins with the gigs of popular Hungarian reggae formations at 4.30 pm (Riddim Colony, Jr Brown & High Grade Band, RE-G, Zagastic, Ocho Macho).

At 7 pm, performers of the international reggae scene start their show, such as Easy Star All-Stars (USA), The Dubians (F), Skarbone 14 (B). From 9 pm to 11 pm, sound system formations are making the atmosphere even wilder for the night's Jamaican Original Party, where just for the duration of Sziget, the truly Jamaican DJ GQ will make you dance like crazy every night. In the daily selection of programs and in the setting of the venue, the atmosphere of Worldvillage will take over, spiced up with the style of Jamaican villages.

An outstanding program-element of this year's venue will be the Bob Marley exhibition, based on relics and photos borrowed from the family. Moreover, you will get the chance to enjoy the most popular workshops: yoga, capoeira, belly-dancing, Caribbean dance, djembe workshop and handcraft programs like doing batic, bead necklaces and of course the compulsory elements of atmosphere like the waterpipe tent, thai massage, Indian teahouse and Jamaican cocktail bar will be part of Worldvillage, too.


This year, the program organizers of Sziget would love to draw attention to the topic of sweet water-living water-drinking water, and its ecological, biological, energetic and socio-cultural significance. We would love to call attention to the importance of sweetwater through this point of focus, the decrease of the Earth's water supply, the important of ecologically conscious attitude and all effects this may have on us. Furthermore, a great emphasis is placed on the Danube, and Hungary's worldwide famous thermal- and spa venues.

This is why we created a separate venue at Sziget focusing on water, and even more venues will touch upon the topic of H2O. Behind the territory of the Main Stage, you may see five water-related themes in the form of creative installations, calling our attention to the importance of WATER and its protection. There will be some interactive „watery” games awaiting festivalgoers, plus visitors may ease their thirst in the nearby water bars.

Agora is a meeting and symposium of fine arts. The venue is basically a meeting point for fine artist, and its aim is to present various creative methods, illustrating how several things in art happen incidentally. Participants create art alone or in collaboration with others, and see how they can think together. The venue is expecting mainly entrants or artists still in college, preferable from Hungary and its neighbour-countries, but organizers always invite some famous artists, too. The topic if this year's Agora is water.

Retro dancemusic-festival program-sector at VOLT Terasz

Retro atmosphere is getting more and more popular these days, so VOLT Terasz will give home to this craze this year, too: László Aradszky, Judith Szűcs, Pali Balázs, György Korda and Kári Balázs, and Pici Csonka will all be there.

Cökxpon Ambient Tent-garden

The tent-garden of Cökxpôn Ambient Company is a magical hiding place within Sziget, with a well-known Asian atmosphere, with colourful decorations and rugs, pillows and textiles all over the place. The tent awaits visitors with spectacular night-screening, balmy drinks, and of course there are nonstop musical programs, too! This year, the open garden area will be there, too – this is the place where it is not compulsory to take shoes off. During the day, there are various live acts on a separate stage, dj's, workshops for chill-out and self-discovery while sitting in the grass: yoga, prananadi, jugglers, jam session, dance, handcraft tents, henna, recycling etc.

On top of these above-mentioned programs, organizers of the Ambient Tent are always preparing some specialty for visitors. This year, the highlighted program is POOLMUSIC, which is a musical performance written for water, performed live in the pool in the garden, in swimming suits and with diving accessories – this performance will be visible and audible every day.

Blues Pub

Within the genre, we are offering visitors a rather colourful setting, giving everyone the chance to choose from a wide ranges of styles, whether we are talking of national or international performers. From traditional blues to rockabilly and rock, funky, you will find everything, getting blessing with the help of some gospel songs. Great music and a wonderful atmosphere awaits our visitors! Without trying to list everyone, here is a flavour of what you will get: Ef Zámbó Happy Dead Band, Póka Egon Experience, a Doors Tribute Band, White Coffee, Karen Carroll and Mississippi Grave Diggers, Hubert Tubbs and Lord Bishop Rocks.

Tent of Logical Games

Hgyvidék Sport Association's Sakk és Go faculty are waiting for visitors who are interested in logical games. This year, besides the traditional program, the colourful cube, namely Rubik's cube will be the star of the event. The fastest, using on hand only, with eyes closed, the main thing is to get the cube right. The total number of permutations is around 43 252 003 274 489 856 000. Well, you may not find this amount of games in the tent, but will definitely bump into a bunch of interesting stuff. Of course, chess cannot be missed from the 2010 program of the Tent of Logical Games, and the same applies to the game of go, which is getting more and more popular. The novelty introduced in 2008 will prevail in 2010, too: this, in fact, means that you may fight with not only one, but two chess grandmasters in a chess simulation.

Besides the simultan, there will be plenty of other logical games. Just to name a few: Chess, Go, Tantrix, Amoeba, Abalone, Backgammon, Halma, Tangram, Pylos, Quatro, Quixo, puzzle, domino, Rubik-games, mankala, katamino, goblett, etc..

Museum Quarter

This program called Museum Quarter has been successful for three years, and we are waiting for visitors in co-operation of the following institutes: Aquincum, Museum of Industrial Arts, House of Hungarian Photography - Mai Manó House, Hungarian Technological and Vehicle Museum, Hungarian National Gallery, Hungarian National Museum, Modem, Kunsthalle - Ernst Museum, Mudeum of Ethnography, Petőfi Museum of Literature, Óbuda Zichy Castle, Hungasrian Theare Museum and Institute – Bajor Gizi Actor-museum, Semmelweis Museum, Skanzen,Vasarely Museum.

The museums are awaiting Sziget-visitors with various programs and special offers, furthermore in August it is possible to visit these museums with a half-price ticket, in case you have an intect Sziget-wristband.

Vodafone is turning Sziget into a communications paradise

Szigetfone from punk to hip hop – Sziget InfoSMS for festival-goers – tickets by the minute for day trippers – payment by card for a comfortable and safe festival experience.

The hundreds of thousands of music and technology fans whose life revolves around being always connected will be the first people to try Szigetfone, especially developed for Sziget festival-goers, Sziget InfoSMS, a free text message service with useful information and updates and a top up card payment system. Everyone purchasing a one week or a one day pass will be eligible for a Szigetfone handset and will be able to communicate nationally and internationally at the extremely low VitaMAX Sziget tariff. The phone itself is entirely trendy and can be personalized according to musical styles.

Szigetfone released by Vodafone Hungary is the ideal companion for visitors to Central Europe’s most popular music festival. The handset is hardwearing, but its real beauty lies within: Szigetfone in conjunction with the Sziget tariff offers uniquely low call rates for music fans. Szigetfone users can call or text each other for as little as 10 HUF/minute. Since the festival has a large international audience including visitors from neighbouring countries as well as Germany, Holland and the UK, they can call their friends and relatives back home for only 100 HUF/minute and text their experiences for only 30 HUF/minute.

But the Sziget tariff is not just for festival-goers, all pay as you go Vodafone customers can take advantage of it. The tariff will be available guaranteed until 31 December 2010, the international phone call rates will remain at the uniquely low 100 HUF/minute until 31 August 2010.

The Szigetfone won’t put a huge dent in the festival-goers’ budget for beer and entertainment either: the Vodafone 248 handset that can be customised with numerous bolt-ons and comes topped up with 2000 HUF, will be available for one day pass holders for 4000 HUF and to weekly pass holders for only 2000 HUF. Thus the Sziget tariff provides 200 minutes of call time with other festival-goers, friends and family. Those desiring more than the basic handset can choose the beautifully designed Vodafone 736 for 19,900 HUF, which can send and receive emails. The most demanding customers can opt for the sophisticated Vodafone 845 Android handset for 30,990 HUF.

The Szigetfone that rocks – body painting for Szigetfone fans

Vodafone is preparing a special treat for those who are not satisfied with only customising their Vodafone 248 Szigetfones. They can get a punk, rock, hip hop, afro, disco or reggae style body paint at the Vodafone stand to further identify with their favourite musical style.

As Péter Lakatos, Strategy, Brand and Communications Director at Vodafone Hungary said: “The community of Sziget festival-goers exceeds the population of a town the size of Pécs and represents a subculture – active for a whole week – the inner ties of which we aim to draw even closer, building on shared interests, shared experience and existing and new friendships. In the city of mobile innovation, Vodafone intends to strengthen the connections between Sziget festival-goers.”

Vodafone Sziget InfoSMS – what’s up at Sziget?

The best known international and the best known Hungarian brands cooperating on developing and introducing mobile services are launching a mobile information service in English and Hungarian for Sziget festival-goers. Courtesy of Vodafone, Szigetfone owners and Vodafone customers get can get up-to-the- minute information on performers, changes in the schedule, weather and other relevant updates thanks to the free Sziget InfoSMS service.

“We are excited to present our latest mobile services to the young Sziget audience, who are interested in mobility and the internet. As well as Szigetfone and Sziget InfoSMS, we are introducing our Coffee with a mobile service to Sziget. Furthermore, whilst our mobile payment services – such as the extremely popular mobile parking – were thus far only available to our pay monthly customers, from the end of July these will be freely available to our pay as you go customers as well.” - added Péter Lakatos.

With a pay by the minute ticket it’s worth visiting Sziget even for just one concert

Festival-goers can experience two brand new, cutting edge innovations, which will make their festival experience cheaper and more convenient. Vodafone customers who are only interested in specific concerts will welcome the ‘pay by the minute’ mobile payment service. The festival-goer will send a text message to a central number and receive a code. At the dedicated desk at the gate by the ‘K’ Bridge he or she will receive their wrist band and to avoid queuing ‘on the clock’ the organisers will install express gates for those using the mobile payment service. Customers can remain on the island for the duration of their favourite programme and the system will be deactivated when they exit.

Cashless Sziget

Another innovation is the payment by card system. Festival-goers receive a card for free, which they can top up at several points on the festival grounds making shopping more convenient. Payment in the VIP area will be by card only, and it will be optional in other shop units. As main organiser Károly Gerendai said “This system can make festivals more comfortable, cut down on queuing time, there is no time wasted by giving change.” Customers can register their card so should they lose it, it can be disabled, and if there is money left on it by the end of the festival they can retrieve it at one of the top up points.

For more information contact:

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Michelin-starred Sziget Festival

Uniquely in the world the performers of the main stage will be catered to by a Michelin star awarded restaurant between 11-16 August, Budapest.

As festival-goers can experience firsthand, Sziget Festival stands out from other European festivals in more ways than one. The diverse festival city is erected for one week from nothing on a beautiful green island in the Danube crossing the Hungarian capital, with the high standard of services, the special “Sziget Feeling” and last but not least, great value for money, which makes this multi-cultural event popular the world over.

The services offered to the artists who will be performing on the main stage are equally unique. Sziget is the only major festival in the world where the backstage of the main stage includes a Michelin-stared restaurant where artists can dine à la carte. Moreover, VIP guests of the festival and accredited journalists can also sample the freshly prepared culinary delights.

It so happens, that the creator and main organiser of the festival decided to venture into the world of gastronomy as a hobby. He decided that if he could organise a world class festival, he would achieve the same heights as a restaurateur. He was so successful that after only a year his restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, firstly and uniquely in Hungary. This restaurant will be serving the culinary needs of the festival’s stars this summer. So, Muse, Faithless, Iron Maiden, Madness, Kasabian and the other bands can be safe in the knowledge that they are dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. It’s a good thing they booked in time.

Eddie is crying out for Sziget

The August issue of New Noise magazine will feature a cult figure of rock history. Derek Riggs, creator of Iron Maiden's mascot created a special edition "Sziget Eddie", wearing the Hungarian Parliament as a hat and shouting the name of our favourite festival repeatedly.

The Hungarian capital inspired the creator of Eddie the Head, aka Eddie, who designed an exclusive cover for the latest issue of New Noise magazine. Derek Riggs, the creator of Eddie designed more than 60 album covers for Iron Maiden, his works defined past and future generations of rockers. These days he seldom works with the band, he painted his last complete album cover for them in 1990, and although his work is featured on the sleeve of the limited vinyl edition of ‘Flight 666’ released last year, Eddie isn’t such a large part of his life as he used to be in the 80’s. Now - at the request of the magazine -he revived the well-known mascot a propos Iron Maiden's concert at Sziget. As well as designing the cover Riggs gave an interview to New Noise, in which he speaks of Eddie and his relationship with Iron Maiden too.

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